Hillcrest & Wahtoke RR
15" gauge, Reedley, California

The "Coffey Shay" (No. 6) from the Joshua Tree & Southern.
Maybe it should now be called the Coffey/Kukuk Shay, since Ken K. turned it into a new machine altogether.


Joshua Tree & Southern Shay No. 6

The California State RR Museum in Sacramento brought the NPC Sonoma, No. 12, down to Rail Fest.
Here the Somona being back up to the loading ramp. Below it is being off loaded.

JT&S Shay No.6 in foreground. Hillcrest diesel No. 57 in background.

The California State Railroad Museum crew firing up the Sonoma.


Switiching cold steamers, getting ready for the day's running.

Glenwood South Park & Pacific No. 5 in revenue service.

John Rimmasch of Wasatch Railroad Contractors running a newly restored Cagney.

No. 19 from the Sanpete Valley Railway in Utah. (See GSQ issue No. 32)

Lessons in equalized suspension.

Jim Holmes and Bill Traill work on the brand new Mogul chassis.

Ken Kukuk, Ellen Thomsen, and Ken Pimlott also working on the new 15" gauge 5" scale
Mogul chassis up on the stand. It was working on air by the time they were done.

The Redwood Valley No. 11 was on a stand sans drivers, repair work being done. This gave an up-close look at the engine and it's workings.

Two Kukuk-esque Shays. JT&S No. 6 in the foreground. GSP&P No. 7 in the background.

Jeff Badger taking his last run of the Standard Lumber No. 5 (a 3-truck Shay)
before it heads to its new home (and new gauge) in the Mid-west.

A Cagney double-header in the foreground. The Marie E. three-foot gauge Porter in the background.

The GSP&P No. 13 pulling a revenue train

A row of Mogul boilers.

Despite the rain everyone was determined to have a good time, even if it killed them. The Sonoma is seen pulling into Hillcrest Station.

Danny Oldroyd on his Sanpete Valley Railway No. 19. He was the only coal-burner there.

Cagney's loaded on the trailer, just about ready to head home.

Holding at Walnut Wye, waiting for orders from the dispatcher.

That's Greg firing, talking to the dispatcher on the radio. It doesn't look like it's raining hard,
but the arms on my jacket were dripping like I'd just pulled them from a bucket of water.

No. 13 leaving Pine Tree, heading toward Hillcrest Station. Even in the rain there were a
few hearty souls from the community that came out for a ride.

We would like to thank Sean & Melissa and their crew for a great weekend.
For more information on the Hillcrest & Wahtoke RR, visit http://www.hillcrestreedley.com/.


Other photos of interest from other railroads:

Above left, Chicago area Kiddieland G-16
Above right, Old Wakarusa No. 98, now living at the Riverside & Great Northern Rwy (WI)

Photos courtesy of Andrew Jugle and Stanley W. Bielski

Photos above, Dan Nicholos Park. Photos courtesy of Matt Conrad.

The photos above were taken during the Miniature Train Convention in September of 2007


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