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DaveLand Web (36", Anaheim, Calif) We want to give a special thanks to Dave DeCaro. And you'll definintely want to see his great collection of vintage Disney images. --Makes me wish I had a time machine!

NORTH AMERICA (alphabetical)

Acadiana Zoo   16" gauge
Adventure City  (14" gauge, Anaheim, Calif.) 
American Heritage Railroad (15", Greenville, IL) New railroad being built. Includes a Wagnor steamer and a MTC G-16 train. Join in the fun and support this endeavor.
(Anacortes) Washington State Steam Railroads  (18", Anacortes, Washington) The famous line built by the late Tommy Thompson
Applewood Farm (24", Whiteford, MD) MTC S-24 Iron Horse
Arizona & Pacific Railroad  16"  MTC G-16, two Allan Herschell S-16s, on a new railroad.  Peoria, Arizona
Arizona & Pacific (16", Peoria, Arizona) A very nice page about the Sayre Brothers' railroad. Motive power is an S-16.
Atchison & Western Railroad  (12", Atchison, Kansas) This railroad has an Ottaway Steamer and two diesels.
Arborway T.T. & Northwestern Railroad (Private 15"gauge railroad, Near Steelville, Missouri).
B.A.D. Great Northern Railways (15", Redding, California) Take a look at Dave Hemp's great private railway. Say Hello for us.
Balboa Park RR   (16", San Diego, Calfornia)
Bear Creek Park Train   (15" narrow gauge, Surrey, BC, Canada)
Bell Gardens Unfortunately, this railroad has closed its doors.
The Berskin's Nickel Plate Railroad Page (15", California)
Billy Jones Wildcat Railroad  (18", Los Gatos, California) This line is well know on the west coast of the US. Billy Jones was well know and liked and was somewhat of a celebrity in Los Gatos.
Birmingham Zoo (?", Birmingham, Alabama) They had a web page for the train, but it may have been removed.
BK&E RR  20" gauge
Bonafonte Gardens (24", Gilroy, California) Theme park with a Chance C.P. Huntington.
Canyon Falls and Western Railways (15", Seeley Lake, Montana)
Carson & Mills Park RR  (24", Carson City, Nevada) Nice little park railroad. Used to be steam.
Cartland Amusement Park
Casa DeFruita   (16", Hollister, CA) Nice 'diesel' powered train at a classic roadside fruitstand that grew to include restaurant, musuem, zoo.
Casey's Silverstreak RR   (12", Estes Park, Colorado) Train ride at Cascade Creek miniature gold and amusement park.
Castle Park RR (14", Riverside, Calif.) Trainride at a small amusement park.
C & H Railroad  Ottaway 12" gauge steam locomotives
CD&M Railroad   (36" Oregon) The family railroad with a 1908 Porter compressed air locomotive as the centerpiece.
Cedar Rock RR (16", Austin, Texas) Williamson County Regional Park
Centerville & Southwestern (just pics)  (9 7/16", Phillipsburg, New Jersey) A 2" scale railroad, that deserves and honorary mention.
Champ the Train
Chippewa Valley Railroad  (16", Eau Claire, Wisconsin) A "diesel" and two steamers on this neat little line.
Collegville & Southern Ry (18", Collegville, Penn.) A charming 'homemade' railroad.
Confusion Hill    20" gauge railway with 1/2 hour train ride
Crescent Park (?", Riverside, Rhode Island) Historical web site. Click on "park train" to see photo.

Dan Nicholas Park  (16", Salisbury, North Carolina) This operation has two beautiful G-16's.
Deadwood Themepark Williamston, North Carolina
Denver Zoo  (15", Denver, Colorado)
El Dorado Orchards  15" gauge
Eastern Shore Threshermen (15", Federalsburg, Maryland) Good shot of their Crown Metal Products steamer in the "2000 Show Photos".
Elitch's Garden (15?", Denver, Colorado) This vintage postcard shows a Cagney train and happy passengers.
Emerald Hills Ry. (12", Redwood City, CA) A great little live steam RR, featuring a restored Ottaway.
Fennimore RR Historical Soc. Mus. (15"-and larger, Fennimore, Wisconsin) This museum has a Grand Scale line on the grounds. Fort George Park (24", Prince George, B.C., Canada) An 0-4-0 Daventport steamer is the motive power on this line.
The Freedom Train   24" gauge
Freestone RR 16" gauge
Gage Park (24", Topeka, Kansas) This site has not photos, but does have a brief description.
Gage Park (24", Topeka, Kansas) A university web site with some photos.
Glenwood Southpark & Pacific  Bill's page. A couple nice shots of the GSP&P engines.
Glenwood Southpark & Pacific Clark Bauman"Westside" Photos. The Glenwood Southpark & Pacific, logging in 5" scale!
Goose Creek RR (24", Bristol, Virginia) This web site has a nice reprinted article that talks about the railroad.
Griffith Park  (18.5", Los Angles, Calif.)
Heart of Dixie RR Museum  24"
Heritage Railway Company Mini-Train  (15", North Bay, Ontario, Canada) Steam and "diesel".
Hesston Steam Museum (14", 24", 36", 7 1/2", Hesston, Indian) Great little museum with the former Elliot Donnely collection of 14" gauge equipment.
Hillcrest & Wahtoke RR  (15", Reedley, California) Gives some nice views of the RR and equip.
Hill Ridge Farms  16" gauge
House of David  (15", Benton Harbor, Michigan) History of a Grand Scale railroad that ran for 65 years.
Irvine Park Railroad (24", Irvine, California) A Chance CP Hunington give rides in this city park.
JitterJunction, LLP Boise, Idaho U.S.A.
Joshua Tree & Southern  (15", Joshua Tree, California) This genuine bit of California desert railroading line is being resurrected by Chris Allen and a number of volunteers.
Joyline RR Harpers Ferry Toy Train Museum & JoyLine Railroad, A collection of antique toy trains and a miniature train ride. Rt. 3, Box 315, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425, (304) 535-2521 Operating Schedule: 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., Saturday - Sunday. A collection of antique toy trains and a miniature train ride.
Kansas City Northern (16", Kansas City, Missouri) A nice G-16 railroad that run in Frank Vaydik / Line Creek Park.
Lake Winnie Amusement Park  (24", Chattanooga, Tennessee) One photo of the Chance train in the "Attractions" page.
Lakeside Amusement Park   22" gauge
Little Falls RR & Doll Museum (?", Cataract, Wisconsin) A railroad, doll museum and gift shop on a three acre site.
Long Island (Railroad Museum of)   16" gauge
Loyalhanna Limited (24", Idlewild Park, Ligonier, Pennsylvania) A nice web page by Vince Ferrari on their little coal burning Crown steamer and operation.
Lee District Park Railway (18", Alexandria, Virginia) The classic park train.
LeSourdsville Lake Amusement Park (?", Middletown, Ohio) A nice little photo history.
Little Toot Railroad 15"  Home of the first Crown locomotive. Southern Illinois
Long Beach Kiddieland (?", Long Beach, California) Brief mention of a long-gone amusement park. One photo.
Magic City Express ( 24", Minot, North Dakota) A highschool web page with no information, but one nice photograph.
Magical Forest Railroad   18" gauge
Mallard's Mill Bed & Breakfast (12", Salt Spring Island, British Columbia) A fantastic line, and you can sleep there too! Click on the "Mill Tour" for photos.
Meadows & Lake Kathleen (18", Deadwood, Oregon) A great railroad in the most beautiful setting you can imagine.
Merced Kiddieland (24", Merced, California) A nice photo page that shows the railroad (Note: the link from their main page has a type that leads to an error).
Michigan AuSable Valley RR (16", Fairview, Michigan) A fantastic line with a Hudsom steamer and a A-A diesel lashup.
Milford Park Railway  (18 1/2", Oneonta, New York) This RR is run by the Leatherstocking Railway Hist Soc.
Milwaukee County Zoo  (15, Milwaukee, Wisconsin) Sandley built steamers still give rides, after decades of service.
National Grand Scales Park Train Ride Museum (16", Alamagordo, New Mexico) Located at the Toy Train Depot, this operation has three G-16's, an S-16, and a G-12. There are 20 scale miles of track, and an "engineer training" program which allows you to run the trains yourself.
Nickel Plate RR (15", Redding, California) A nice little RR built by the Berskins, friends of Doc Hemp of the B.A.D. GN.
Northeast Florida Live Steamers & Railroaders, Inc. (7.5" and 24", Near Jacksonville, FL)
Northview & Frisco Railroad (12", MO) Jim Pekerek's private railroad.
Northwest Ohio Railroad Preservation, Inc. New home for restored steam Engine 901, one of three designed and built by Israelite House of David, Benton Harbor, Michigan.
Orillia park train (12 5/8"?, Orillia, Ontario) Some photos of their 1896 Armitage Herschell steamer.
Orland Newville & Pacific  (15", Orland, California) Built by Frank Allen, this RR features the beautiful 5" scale 1874 Baldwin 4-4-0 "Sonoma".
Ortner RR     14.5" gauge
Ottaway Locomotives Another Don Ross photo page . . . this one looks at these popular little steamers.
Overfair Railway (19", San Francisco, CA) Good history of the 1915 Pan-Pacific Expo RR that is now mostly at Swanton.
Overfair Railway (19", San Francisco, Calif.) This is a history of the 1915 Expo railroad --which now mostly lives at the Swanton Pacific.
P&JSRR   15" gauge
Paradise & Pacific  (15", Scottsdale, Arizona) This is a relatively new site. The P&P features stout models of Colorado narrow gauge equipment.
Phoenix & Holly  (15", Canby, Oregon)  Beautiful flower farm with a nice grand scale RR to boot.
Pima County RR 16" gaugePinconning & Blind River Railroad (16", Fairview, MI) This is a great historical look at the P&BR in its original form and what it looks like to day. (This line is not longer open to the public, but the original 16" gauge Hudson can be ridden nearby at Howard and Joanne Schrader's Michigan AuSable Valley Railroad.)
Pixieland Amusement Park
Prairie Thunder RR 
R&R Railway (18", Emmett, Idaho) This is Roland Courtenay's operation that will feature a complete railroad as well as a petting zoo, depot, and gift shop . . . all on a rural farm.
R&R Train Company (multiple, New Orleans, Louisiana) This company owns a number of G-16's, a C.P. Huntington, and some rubber-tired trians, all for hire.
Rails of Fun  (12", St. Louis, Missouri --or wherever  you want) Jeff Uhlemeyer has a portable G-12 railroad that is for hire, and he's having a ball!
Reading Society of Model Engineers  (15", near Reading, Pennsylvania) A Cagney, a Crown, and two diesels.
Redwood Valley Railway  (15", Berkeley, California) Nearly 49+ years old, this famous line was built by Erich Thomsen.

Rich Mountain Scenic RR  16" gauge
Riverside & Great Northern Railway  (15", Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin) Famous line built by Sandley.
Riverside & Great Northern (pics)  Excellent collection of photos by Don Ross on his large RR photo site.
Riverview & Woodside RR  (?", New Jersey) This fellow saved two park trains from an untimely demise.
Rotary Special Miniature Train    16" gauge
Rothwell Park Railroad   The 12" gauge railroad.   Rothwell Park, Moberly, Missouri
S&S Shortline Train Park & Museum (24", Farmington, Utah )
Sam's Fun City    16" gauge
San Francisco Zoo Train  (22", San Francisco, California) Historic Cagnery newly rebuilt and running at its old home.
Sandy Ridge & Clear Lake Railway    7 1/2" gauge railroad. Most of the equipment is built to 3-3/4" scale and patterned after the Maine "Two Footers".
Santa Ana Zoo Train (14", Santa Ana, California) A one photo site looking for donations to restore their steamer.
San Martin RR    18" gauge
Sandwich Fair Train   (15", Sandwich, Illinois)
Schnepf Farms 16" gauge 
SERTOMA Park Train
Smokey Joe RR  16" gauge 
Sonoma Traintown  (15", Sonoma, California) This 3" scale RR has two steamers, two diesels, a motorcar, and complete scale town.
Sonora Short Line  (formerly 12", Sonora, California) Jim Hoback built a fantastic RR, but declining ridership caused it to be closed and sold. Much of the equipment has gone to the Paradise RR in LaPorte, IN.
Stanley Park Min. Ry. (20", Vancouver, B.C., Canada) Another C.P. Huntington running in Vancouver.
Stolley Park RR (24", Grand Island, Neb.) A nice little park train with a C.P. Huntington and a nearby sweetshop.
Strasburg Rail Road (Prototype RR and 15" Cagney RR, Strasburg, PA)
Sunshine Express (24", Selma, California) A steam-outline train ride at the Selma Automall. --with an enthusiastic crew.
Swanton Pacific  (19", Davenport, California) This line has the 1/3 scale MacDermot equipment from the famous Overfair Railroad of the 1915 Panama Pacific World Exposition in San Francisco.
Sweetbriar Park (24", Portland, OR)
Tall Pines Scenic Railroad (15" Southern Maine)  This railroad is 3" scale and located on an old tree that is heavily wooded with Pines, Hemlock, Fir, Maple, Oak, and Birch trees.
Tannehill Attractions
Tinkertown (16?", Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) An amusement park with a G-16.
Toledo Zoo (12", Toledo, Ohio) Photo of a G-12 from 1947.
Tim Boshart's Web Site Click on the "Park Trains" link.
Tiny Town Railroad and Villiage  (15", Tiny Town, Colorado)  Steam and diesel railway with MANY scale structures.
The Station (24" gauge Port Elgin, Ontario) 1 mile ride along the Port Elgin Harbour to North Shore Park and back.
The Toy Train Barn (12", Argyle, Wisconsin) Miniature train museum and home to the Green County Gulch Railroad.
Uncle Al's Train (15?" ,Colorado) Mike Stutz posted a gallery of photos of this nice railroad.
Vancouver Zoo (24", Vancouver, B.C., Canada) One photo and details about the C.P. Huntington train ride.
Venice Miniature Railway  (18", Venice, California) Nice history of a long dismantled line (engines now at Billy Jones Wildcat)
Vulcan Forge Shortline (15", Ohio) Vulcan Forge Short Line Railroad & Papillon Gardens
Wabash Frisco & Pacific  (12", Glencoe, Missouri) One of the oldest and best known scale railroads in the country.
Washington Park and Zoo Railway  (30", Porland, Oregon) Largest gauge of "Grand Scale" railroad we know of. Nice equipment on this line.
Waterman & Western Railroad  (15", Waterman, Illinois) F3 "Diesel" with a scale freight train give rides in Lions Park.
Whiskey River Railroad (16" gauge railroad wanders for 3 miles through an exotic animal farm.  The railroad is the centerpiece for the Little A-Merrick-A amusement park in Marshall, Wisconsin.
Whiskey River Railroad (16" gauge, Marshall, WI) Another site for this beautiful railway.
Wildlife Express (24", Kamloops, B.C., Canada) A C.P. Huntington running in this refuge.
Wildlife World Zoo 16" gauge
Woodstock Short Line  (18", Colorado)  The web site has been updated and expanded. A really neat little narrow gauge line.

UNITED KINDGOM  (alphabetical)

Ashorne Hall Railway (12.25", Warwickshire, UK)
Audley End Min. Rly
 (10 1/4", Saffron Walden, Essex) Lord Braybrooke's private railways. Different photos at the top of each page.
Audley End Min. Rly This page is from P. Sharpe's 1999 visit to the line.
Beddington & Carew Light Railway  (10 1/4", Wallington) Some awfully big locos on such little track.
Bressingham Steam Museum (15", Bressingham, UK) Lot of full size equipment and a Grand Scale railway too.
Bressingham Steam Museum (15", Bressingham, UK) Another site with a few photos.
Bure Valley Railway  (15", Aylsham, Norfolk, UK) A well known railway with steam and diesel. Two of the engines are 6" scale!
Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway  (15", Cleethorpes, Lincoln, UK) Great little line. Home of the famous Sandy River No.24.
Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway A better site of this line.
Eastleigh Lakeside Railway (10 1/4" & 7 1/4", Eastleigh, Hampshire) This line has just been relaid to include 10 1/4".
Eastleigh Lakeside Railway   The first of three photo pages of this line by Paul Sharpe.
Effie on Tour (15", UK)  A fantastic online photo album of the travels of David Humphries' "Effie".
Exbury Gardens Steam Railway (12 1/4", Exbury, Hampshire) One of the newest and reportedly most beautiful railways in the UK.
Exmoor Steam Railway
(12 1/4", Bratton Fleming, Devon) This is one of Paul Sharpe's photo pages dedicated to a fantastic miniature railway.
Evesham Vale Light Railway (15", Evesham Vale, Worcestershire, England) A lovely railroad run by a delightful couple.
Fairbourne & Barmouth Steam Railway  (12 1/4", Fairbourne, Gwynedd, Wales) Charming steam running on 100 year old right-of-way.
Heritage Railway  Britain’s newest magazine devoted to railway preservation – with the widest news coverage by far.
Kirklees Light Railway (15", Clayton West, West Yorkshire, UK) A fascinating railroad with unique steamers.
Lappa Valley Steam Railway  (15", near Newquay, Cornwall, UK)  If you don't live in the UK, just imagine steam in the Cornish countryside.
Lappa Valley Steam Railway  (15", near Newquay, Cornwall, UK)  Another page of this fine Ry.
Longleat Railway (15", Warminster, Wiltshire) The official page for the town, click on "Railway". Nice photo.
Markeaton Park (15", Derby, Derbyshire) The official site for this line. Fantastic photo gallery.
Markeaton Park (15", Derby, Derbyshire) Yet another good photo page by Paul Sharpe.
Miniature and NG Railways   A nice site by Chris Mansfield. Lots of photos.
Mull Railway (10 1/4", Craignure, Scotland) The rails are a bit close together, but the passenger carriages are enclosed. That sounds like a Grand Scale train to me. Besides . . . it's in Scotland. And my mother was a Graham, and my son's name is Graham Robinson.
Oakfield Oark (15", Donegal, Ireland) Beautiful estate with 15" gauge railroad.
Perrygrove Railway  (15", Coleford, UK) A sterling example of minimum gauge railway costruction.
Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway  (15", Ravenglass, Cumbria, UK) This classic railway has some very historic Grand Scale Equipment.
Ryhl Miniature Railway (15", Ryhl, North Wales, UK) A very historic line. It hosts some very attractive locos.
Rhyl Miniature Railway Two more fun photo pages by Paul Sharpe.
Romney, Hythe & Dymchurch Railway  (15", New Romney, Kent, UK) Needs no introduction. Wonderful web site of this famous line.
Romeny, Hythe & Dymchurch Ry. History   Paul Stoneman has written a nice history of this grand railway.
Ruislip Lido (12", Ruislip, Northwest London, UK) Featured in a recent issue of GSQ, this is a stout little railway.
Sandy River No. 24   (15", Cleethorpes, Lincoln, UK) A site dedicated to a nice American style engine in the UK.
Saltburn Miniature Railway (15", NE coast of England)
Sherwood Forest steam railway
Sherwood Forest Steam Railway, Narrow gauge steam railway, Steam railway, Nottinghamshire
Sherwood Forest Farm Park in nottinghamshire is ideal place for farm holiday for child, family day out, day trip, kid day out, rare breed of sheep, narrow gauge steam railway,highland cattle, tamworth pig, rare breed pig, rare breed cattle, Pigmy Goats, child day out, family fun day. farm is approved by the Rare Breeds Survival Trust for the breeding of rare and protected farm animals.
South Downs Light Railway Society (10.25", Pulborough, East Sussex, England) A line with some exquisite scale steamers.
Southport Miniature Railway  (formerly 15", Southport on Sea, Lancashire, UK) A nice history of this line that ran two 15" gauge Greenly locos.
Stapleford Minaiture Railway (10 1/4", Leics, UK) They've got some beautiful steamers on this line.
Wells Harbour Railway (10 1/4", Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk) Nice site. Practical little railway. Lots of photos if you clich around a while.
Wells & Walsingham (10 1/4", Wells-next-the-Sea, Norfolk) Fantastic equipment on this railway . . . and a friendly crew!
Windmill Farm Railway (15", Buscough, Lancashire, UK) Excellent Collection. Construction of the line was by volunteers.


Barcelona Train Park (10", 7.25", 5", Barcelona, Spain) There's a wide variety of equipment here. Unfortunately, the English lang. page isn't done.
Chemin de Fer D'Anse (38cm / 15", France) Thanks to Simon T.'s links for this site. It was completely new to me.
Dresden Park Train  (15", Dresden, Germany) This is a very well known line that has been running for decades.
Krauss locomotive builders (multiple, Germany) This is a list of locos built by Krauss. In the column Spur (gauge) look for "381" toward the bottom of the list. This is 381mm or 15" gauge.
Leipzig Park Train (15", Leipzig, Germany) The official site for this line wish is also a long running line with big live steam.
Leipzig Park Train (15", Leipzig, Germany) A railfan site of this page.
Leipzig Park Train   Yet another site of this line (nice photos).
Live Steam in Germany   Gerhard Karl's web site, including some nice 10 1/4" models, and a standards page.
Pasteur Park (12", Orleans, France) A wonderful little park train in France.
Peissnitzexpress Hall Park Train (600mm"?, Peissnitzinzell, Germany) An interesting little line with park train diesels.
Plauen Park Train (600mm / 24", Plauen, Germany) Even though it is 2' gauge line, it is definitely a "park train", not an full size narrow gauge line.
Sherwood Forest Steam Railway (15", Nottinghamshire, UK) They have recreated in miniature the rural branch line meandering through beautiful scenery and the unique farm park collection of rare breeds
Stuttgart Park Train  (15", Killesberg, Germany) Another impressive German Grand Scale RR.
Tom's Garten-Feldbahn  (15", Germany) An interesting site with construction photos. Text in German. (Go to altavista.com and use their "Babelfish" feature to translate)
Weiner Prater Park  (15", Vienna, Austria ) Amusement park line in Weiner Prater Park running Krauss steam. Anyone been there personally? Tell us more.
Weiner Prater Park Another site for this live steam operation.



Brazillian Train (?", Brazil) A nice steamer running in Brazil. Google Translation here.
Brazillian Train also (?", Brazil) Another steamer running in Brazil. Google Translation here.
Whangaparaoa Steam Railway 
(15", Hibiscus Coast, North Auckland, New Zealand) A great ride for when you're in the neighborhood.
Driving Creek Railways and Pottery  (15", Coromandel, New Zealand) A true mountain ry., unique for also having  freight (goods) service.
Ferrocarril Economico Sur (10 1/4", Remedios de Escalada, Argentina) Roger Davis's new railway in Argentina.
Bush Mills Railway (15", Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia) Home to a fantastic model of a garratt. (which visited England a few years ago).
Jerudong Park Railroad      (built for the Sultan of Brunei)


Sakuradani Railway (Japan) This site is in Japanese. It has photos not found in the English site (below).
Sakuradani Railway (Japan) This is the English web site for this railway.
Suzenji Romney Railway (15", Niji-no-Sato, Japan) Fantastic equipment, much of it built by the Ravenglass in the UK.



Grand Scale Railway Forum - Email discussion group for grand scale railway enthusiast, builders, owners, and fans.
Simon Townsend's Great U.K. Links Page (listed by gauge)
Miniature & Narrow Gauge Railway Site (Britain) This is Marc Humphrey's fantastic on-line resource. Bravo.
Mike Deeble: Insurance Mike is an expert in insuring public and private railroads, from live steam clubs to many prototype museums, tourist railroads, and traction lines.
Decker's Trains Scale models of scale models and a list of Graham Whistler UK miniature railway videos. He sells them in the US in the NTSC (American) format.
Le Sueur County Pioneer Power Show, Le Sueur, Mn
MTC Engineer Training
Park Trains -Delphi  A great web site devoted to park trains.
Park Trains of the Web  An excellent links page to amusement park railways.
Park Trains (by Matt Conrad)  Take a look at what GSQ's Park Trains editor has worked so hard for you to enjoy. A fantastic look at amusement park trains.
Park Trains Discussion Group  E-mail discussion group dedicated to sharing knowledge and interest in amusement park trains.
UK Miniature Railways Discussion Group  E-mail discussion group on e-groups, dedicated to the lines "on the other side of the pond".
Another Park Train Links Page at www.railroaddata.com. (Some of these pages bear a lot of resemblance to this one!)
Tim Boshart: Park Trains  Tim's Collection of photos and video of park trains.
Miniature Railways of Britain  An in-depth listing of  . . . well the name says it all.
Miniature Railway Links and Photo Page Extensive listings and galleries for both the UK and the US.
Minor Railways Online Publications Peter Scott has a number of interesting little publication available.
Cagney List  The tireless Simon Townsend has made great headway on a catalog of all the existing Cagney's.



Camden Miniature Steam Services  One of the premiere book sellers in the UK with a HUGE selection from all over the world. (Be sure to get a free catalog)
Adrian Sant’s Miniature Railway Book & Artefact Emporium  The name says it all. Adrian has some fantastic and rare selections.
The Heywood Society Journal A first class journal edited by the erudite Simon Townsend. A MUST for the serious enthusiast.
Semaphore Productions  They have several videos featuring Grand Scale railways.
Ram Track


Live Steam  The Premier Magazine in the US for live steam trains, boats, stationary engines, etc.
Australian Model Engineering  Take a look at all facets of the model engineering hobby down under.
Engineering in Miniature  This British magazine is a well know journal for the model engineering hobby.


NOTE: Listing of suppliers here is for information only and not a recommendation by Robinson & Associates.

AK railroad rail products
Alan Keefe Limited UK manufacturer . . . this one of both small passenger trains and industrial engines.
Backyard Engineer Custom machined parts.
Blackgates Engineering Great people in the UK who provide locomotives and all sorts of pieces and parts.
Bob Dean Supply Wheels, gauges, etc.
Boschan Boiler and Restorations, Inc. ASME code boilers to your dimensional requirements. ASME "S" stamp certifying us to design and build custom boilers.
Cand H Railroad Things for Ottaways
Chance Rides  Builders of the popular 24" gauge gas-hydraulic "C.P. Hunington" park train.   
Complete Miniature Railways UK manufactuor now building Thomas the Tank Engine locos 
Crenshaw Locomotives
DEREK W. MOSS Custom Design and Build Service, Repairs, Modifications and Restorations
Dremel Tools
Engineered Plastic Systems, LLC
Get Machine Tools
Grand Scale Railroad Signals Inc. Signals, detection circuits, grade crossing protection, and more for 7.5"-30" ga. railroads.
Green Velvet Steam lubrication oils
Great American Train Company US Builder of classic 7.5" railways
Great Northern Steam Co. Ltd. UK builder of traction engines, launches, and locos from 7 1/4" to 24" gauge.
Harmer Steel rail products
Hillcrest Shops Manufacturing high quality 15" gauge, 5" scale rolling stock, parts and (soon) live steam.
Historic Railway Consultants  Plans and castings for 15" gauge, 5" scale narrow gauge equipment. Tell Chris we said hello.
Hobby Mechanics Australian builder
Ikon Engineering Building in New Zealand
Jay-Cee Sales and Rivet
LocoParts Supplier of small parts of 11/2 scale locos.
Macc Model Engineering UK Supplier of nuts, bolts, whistles, and more.
Mammoth Locomotive Works
Miniature Power Products
Miniature Railway Supply Company   A UK company with rail and track supplies up to 12 lb. and 20 lb. rail.
Miniature Trains & replacement Parts Replacement parts for MTC trains. 
Miracle RR Products Decals
Merrick Light Railway Equipment Works These fellows will build in a number of gauges, and their work has been proven on their own Whiskey River Railway at Little A-Merrick-A.
Moe's Locomotive Works
Narrow Gauge Supply  Manufacturer of parts for full size, park train, and live steam applications.
Oliver's Boiler Repairs
Peter E. Bouley Boilers, boiler kits, appraisal and consultant service.
QRC Live Steam Locomotives
Rail Swap   A web site of classified for full size RR equipment, though some narrow gauge and scale equip can be found.
Rail Systems Locomotives up to 24" gauge
Real Trains  This company caters primarily to the hobbyist (a plus for most of us) and offers equipment from 1 1/2" to 5" scales.
Reedyville Railroad Products All sorts of products for your railroad, including gorgeous bells.
Roll Models Inc.   Fantastic 12" and 7 1/2" gauge equipment. Even the 7 1/2" is almost big enough to be Grand Scale!
Roanoke UK builder of locomotives
R.P.M. Rigging specializes in rail vehicle relocation coast to coast.
Scale Products Company Providing high quality products: signals, locomotives, props, obstacles, exhibits (displays) more.
Severn-Lamb A UK manufacturer of amusement park trains.
Southern Steam Works Plans for 5" scale Forny type engine.
Steam Age USA Locomotive lubricants - great people too!
Titan Manufacturing Wheels, gears, flywheels, axles, whistles and much more.
Tools 4 Cheap
TW Machine Specializing in MTC G-12 parts and repairs
Used Rides dot Com  A web site featuring used amusement park equipment, including park trains.
Wato Engineering Builders of 7 1/4", 15",and 24" gauge equipment. Great equipment and Keith is a heck of a nice guy too. (Note: Roll Models Inc., linked above, in now producing their line of 7 1/4", gauge equipment in the US.)
Wasatch Railroad Contractors works with railroad operations of any size, from Class I railroads to tourist lines and amusement parks.
Westside Locomotive Works Beautiful equipment built by Ken Kukuk.
Western Rails Unlimited 2-1/2, 3-3/4 and 5 inch scales railroad locomotives and rolling stock

Robinson & Associates Amazone RR Book Store

7+ Railroader A fantastic magazine that deals with live steam from 7 1/4" and 7 1/2" up to full size.
Robinson & Associates Video Production

Schrader's Railroad Catalog All the great gift items, RR decor, and accessories you can't live without.
Discover Live Steam  Fabulous! Classifieds, international railroad lists, annual photo contest & RR trivia challenge and live steam website awards..
Shasta Cascade Rail Preservation Society  Preserving Northern California's railroad  heritage.
Sacramento Valley Live Steamers
Ridge Live Steamers
Alton & Pacific RR (formerly 24", Felton, California) This interesting history site talks about a two foot gauge line that ran steam in the 1970's and 80's.
American Steam Locomotive Wheel Arrangements
Narrow Gauge Model Railway Exhibition This is Chris MacKenzie's site of UK model layout tours and photos. There is inspiration here for everyone, regardless of whether you're working with electric models or live steam "hernia gauge".
MDM Locomotive Works Builder of Precision 1 1/2" Scale Equipment
Cannonball Ltd. Builder of superb 1 1/2" scale engines, rolling stock, and accessories.
Iron Horse Video  A producer of enjoyable video tours of American tourist railways.
Critters News Group  This list is for those interested in small prototype industrial locomotives and equipment (and models of same).
Branchline Products  Builders of quality 1 1/2" scale detail parts for live steamers.
Fr. Finelli's Railroad Page  A truly great resource. He is called the "Steaming Priest", and has earned the title.
N.A.M.E.S.  North American Model Engineers Society
Train Mountain  A 7 1/2" gauge RR that is GRAND in length and vision.
Mollala Train Park  A great 7 1/2" gauge layout in Mollala, Oregon.
Model Engineering Clearing House  A nice resource.
Narrow Gauge & Shortline Gazette  One of the finest magazines dedicated to model railroads. Many narrow gauge plans to be found in every issue.
The Toy Train Barn One of the largest model railroad layouts you have ever seen. Plus a 12" gauge railroad.
Antique Engines  John Davis' great site for old stationary engines.
EJ&K Railway 7 " gauge Run days: Sunday, Boone County, Iowa,
JLS Railroad  Live Steam, G scale, and more.
Bitter Creek Western It's a narrow gauge line (7 1/2" gauge) but it's run by some really great folks!
Motels for Train Watchers  A site that lists a lot of trackside hotels and motels.
Matt's Steam Loco Photos Miniature and prototype equipment in Matt Stolzenfels photo collection.
Maryland Railfan site

Miniature Railroad Crossing a nice page by the Sayre Brothers with quite a few photos.
Miniature Railway World a new British web site decicaded to . . . you guessed it --min. rys.
On Track An online magazine produced by Ed Kelley from 2002 to 2005.
Park Trains Page at SteamRailroading.com
Live Steam Locomotives by Roger Goldmann. 7.5" and 7.25" Challengers, Big Boys, classic USRA engines, and a huge collection of drawings.
Riding Railkits Inc. A manufacturer of one inch scale, ridable railroad supplies. We sell locomotives, cars, kits, and other large scale accessories.
RailServe.com: The Internet Railroad Directory rail links, search engine, classified ads, BBS, Train Sim Add-Ons, more
The Photography of T J Godden @ Fotopic.Net
Sumpter Valley Rwy
(Protype RR, Baker City, OR)


Mechanical Music

We have found that many people interested in railways are also interested in Mechanical Music, Fairground Organs,
Music Boxes, Player Pianos and the like. If these interest you, then please also visit these links:
ORGAN STOP PIZZA - Mighty Wurlitzer Organ -- NEW DVD created by Robinson & Associates!
Music Box Society International        
Fair Organ Preservation Society         
Music Box Society of Great Britain        
Automatic Musical Instrument Collectors' Association        


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