Miscellaneous Photos: Page 2

A guest runs the steamer at Mallard's Mill Bed & Breakfast. I'm sure you'd enjoy staying. They're located on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia.

The GSQ Tour 2000 had a great time visiting the Panella Pacific (16", Northern California). This G-16 is #501, the first ever built. It ran for years in Griffith Park in Los Angels. It is just one in this railroad's incredible collection of MTC equipment.

No. 82 takes on water at the Riverside & Great Northern (15", Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin)

The Sakuradani Light Railway (15", Tokiwadai (Osaka), Japan) earns the prize for negotiating tight spaces!

No. 401 on the famous Wabash Frisco & Pacific (12", Glencoe, Missouri) is ready for a serious day of work ahead.

Rod Plaisted has created a fun 15" gauge RR on a city lot in Concord, CA.