How to build your own railroad empire


Reedley, CA: People in eighteen countries say that their dream is to own their own railroad. These folks aren’t talking about toys that run around the living room floor. Rather their Grand Scale railways feature trains large enough to sit comfortably inside.
From city lots to grand estates; from 100 feet of track to 10 miles of track; from one engine to a whole roster of locomotives, Grand Scale train enthusiasts continue to build and run their railway empires.
But how does one gather the information needed to build large scale layouts? Those who have been around the hobby for generations are often willing to share their expertise. Several magazines in the U.S. and abroad discuss it. Various videos demonstrate it. But to really learn the nitty-gritty, get grease in your finger nails and smoke in your eyes way, one needs to attend a Grand Scales Convention.
This unique three-day event is held only once every two years. During the convention guests have the opportunity to get their hands dirty laying track and leveling ballast. They can feel the rush of firing a working, breathing steam locomotive. They chat with those who have been building railroads for decades. And they go home with more knowledge and confidence than they can find anywhere else in the world. Plus they will have the opportunity to see over ten steam and diesel engines running at once - a site that can rarely, if ever, be seen any where else!
Those who want to learn more, whether for work on their tourist railroad or for their own private line, are invited to attend. More information can be found by calling 530-527-0141 or by visiting

What: Grand Scales Railroad Convention
When: September 30 through October 2, 2005
Where: Hillcrest & Wahtoke RR, Reedley, California