Custom Video Production

 Robinson & Associates has experience in producing videos for direct sale, Public
Television broadcast, corporate use, private use, and Cable Network broadcast.

What story would you like to tell?
  Would you like to present your family history in a compelling way?


  Would you like to have a documentary about your passion . . . be it aviation, sailing, or railroading?
 Would you like to tell how your company grew to where it is today?

   Would you like your visitors and potential visitors to enjoy a "video tour" of your tourist attraction or museum?

     We will work with you to craft a video portrait that will convey your thoughts with sound and color. For years to come you will treasure having a record of the things that mean the most to you. Your children and grandchildren will gain a deeper insight. Your friends and colleagues will see your hard work and creativity presented in an objective manner.
     We invite you to visit our video production website (
     If you are interested in having Robinson & Associates create a program for you, please write to We will be happy to answer all of your questions.

[*Note: Travel expenses and per diem, billed seperately]