September 10, 2012

Dear Subscribers,

This is one of the most difficult business letters I've ever had to write.

For far too long the Grand Scales Quarterly has been the “Grand Scales Occasionally”.  We've been anticipating a change of  circumstances which would allow us to improve, but those changes seem as far away today as they did two years ago.

It is unfair to everyone to keep proceeding in this half-baked way.

Starting immediately the publication of the Grand Scales Quarterly will be suspended for an indefinitely period of time. It is our goal to bring GSQ back to life at some point in the future . . . perhaps a year, perhaps considerably more. We will still be selling DVDs, books, and back issues and keeping our web page and Facebook page alive with news updates, photos and more.

Creating and running GSQ, with all the great people we've met and the great railroads we visited, has been the most gratifying professional endeavor of my career. The decision to put it on hold is painful decision that was a long time coming.


We do not want to slink away, leaving our loyal customers holding the bag. There are two avenues available to our subscribers:

1.    Wait for better times. All our records will remain in tact. If and when publication resumes, your remaining issues will begin right where they left off.

2.    Redeem the value of your remaining issues. You are welcome to contact us to find our the number of issues owed to you and their value. This credit can be applied to any Robinson & Associates DVD or back issues of GSQ and 7+ RAILROADER.

Contact us with your questions at

We very much look forward to the day when we again may be of service to the Grand Scales Community.


Greg & Susan Robinson

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